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Research. Discover. Evolve.

At EvolveWell, we know having the right data can be a game-changer. That's why we are committed to making high-quality research accessible through our professional and personalized contract research.


Specializing in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, our team of researchers works with you to understand your company's unique research needs. We handle it from there.

We partner with clients to meet a variety of needs, from building evidence of product validity and effectiveness for claim generation, and strategizing how to use scientific evidence to differentiate your brand and establish trust, to gaining valuable insights for product R&D and beyond.

Let us help you unlock your credibility and success with science. Schedule a discovery call with our research team today.

What can we create together?

Consumers want to know they can trust your product.

Investors want to see evidence that it works.

Even the App Store wants to see the data.

Having scientific evidence has become a table stake for startups focused on health, wellness, and fitness. But conducting research “in house”—from hiring a team of scientists to designing and managing studies—is expensive, time-consuming, and a big commitment.


That's where we come in.

EvolveWell is the go-to source for your company's research needs. Whether it's a one-time project or an ongoing partnership, we provide full-service contract research from start to finish, so you can focus on other things.

What's the impact?


  • Establish investor and customer trust and buy-in with product that is scientifically evaluated and validated*

  • Gain consumer insights that can help you generate more revenue


  • Boost your brand's visibility and enhance your company's reputation as credible and trustworthy

  • Leverage scientific evidence to differentiate your product from the competition's

  • Create unique claim language that is scientifically accurate


  • Understand whether and how a product works for future roadmapping and improving efficient use of resources

  • Discover ways to enhance the product


  • Build evidence of product validity and effectiveness,* from analyzing existing data to conducting original studies

  • Identify gaps and opportunities using findings

*We value integrity at the highest level and rigorously follow the Scientific Method. Conducting a study with EvolveWell does not guarantee positive results (e.g., significant in the direction you expect), but we can help you identify how to use the findings in a positive way, such as improving your product. You will not have access to identifiable health information for study participants.


What topics can we work on together?

Our team's content expertise spans mental and physical health, wellness, and fitness, as well as products, features, services that aim to improve these factors. 

Examples of topics we have researched include:


Stress Psychology & Physiology


Health Behaviors
(Sleep, Physical Activity, Meditation)


Mental Health
& Well-being


Work-related Stress & Burnout


Biomarkers of Stress & Emotional States


Personal Growth & Resilience


Mobile Health Sensing/


Social Health & Relationship Science 

Don't see your topic here?
Get in touch to learn about more areas we are equipped to research.

Our Team

Health psychologists. Researchers. Your partners in science.

We are a team of PhD-level researchers with expert knowledge in human psychology, physiology, health behaviors, social health, and data science, and extensive experience in both academic and industry research. We've made it our mission to help companies use science to improve human health, well-being, and resilience, and our industry partners have ranged from pre-seed stage to Series D startups. We are proud to be women-founded, women-owned, and women-led.

We believe in integrity, authenticity, inclusivity, and creating positive change through good science. Each of our team members have been extensively trained in ethical and responsible research conduct and HIPAA-compliant research. We are certified in Human Subjects Research and Good Clinical Practice from the CITI Program.


Founder, CEO

Hawks, Zoe_edited.jpg

Senior Research Associate, Clinical Mental Health


Co-Founder, COO


Research Associate, 
UK Partnership Liaison


Quantitative Research Scientist, Statistician


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